Gay Mayor Peter Buttigieg Married His Comedian Boyfriend Chasten Glezman

36-year-old politician Peter Buttigieg is now married!


South Bend, Indiana mayor Buttigieg (pronounced Boot-edge-edge) married his comedian boyfriend Chasten Glezman this past weekend.

The two met on a dating app and shared the desire to get out of the gay dating scene. They then got to know each other over Facetime before meeting in person and deciding to date officially.

Their wedding was attended by 200 people and their reception was attended by an addition 200, according to the New York Times.

In between those two parties, the couple made time to appear at a Gay Pride Week block party in downtown South Bend. There, they wore rainbow colored beads and took pictures with attendees.


In addition, the wedding ceremony included a reading of Justice Anthony Kennedy’s majority opinion in the Obergefeel v Hodges case that legalized marriage equality in the U.S.

Peter, or Pete, Buttigieg is a well-respected politician on the rise. Not only has his direct approach and Bi-party polices made him a beloved Democratic leader in a Republican city, but he’s being watched and reared by the Democratic party.

Barack Obama once called him a rising star in the party, and his run for the Democratic National Committee in 2017 earned him much respect from his peers and superiors. Many news sites like CNN and Politico have even stated that he may be a Presidential hopeful down the line.


On top of that, Buttigieg came out as gay in 2015 after Mike Pence, who was governor of Indiana at the time, passed a now infamous religious freedom law.

In an essay, he wrote:

“Like most people, I would like to get married one day and eventually raise a family,” he wrote. “I hope that when my children are old enough to understand politics, they will be puzzled that someone like me revealing he is gay was ever considered to be newsworthy. By then, all the relevant laws and court decisions will be seen as steps along the path to equality.”

Congratulations to the happy couple.

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  1. I wish them both the best. My wife and I have no desire to post things about our personal lives on the media. I am surprised anyone would like to read about Mayor Pete now that he is no longer mayor. Good luck with your per mile tax, carbon atom schemes and other lunacy that goes around in DC.


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