Gay Men Beat Straight Guys At What Activity…?

In honor of May being International Masturbation Month (yes, it’s a real thing), sexual health and wellness company Tenga decided a survey was in order to ask the important questions about the practice of self-love – who, what, why and when?


One of the first things to jump out from the results was the fact that, globally speaking, gay and bi guys are 23% more likely to masturbate weekly than heterosexual folks. Duh – no surprise there…

And, 76% of gay/bisexual folks are open to chatting about masturbation as opposed to only 42% of heterosexuals. Double-duh…

Only 83% of heterosexuals admit to even indulging in self-love while 95% of LGBs are open about their intimate relationship with their hand.


More from the poll of 13,000 respondents aged 13-74 in 18 countries:

• 39% of Americans masturbate on at least a weekly basis. Only 39%?

• Men in general pleasure themselves 4.8 times a week. Only 4.8 times a week?


• Men who are 18-34 years old masturbate 5.3 times a week; 35-54 years old tend to masturbate an average of 3.8 times per week; and men 55+ masturbate an average of 4.4 times per week.

• Guys who are open to owning sex toys say they are more satisfied with the quality/frequency of masturbation vs. men who are not open (88% vs 62%).

• 55% of Americans don't talk about masturbation at all.

• Men are far more likely to masturbate than women – 92% to 76% respectively.

And the #NoShocker Award goes to: Men are much more likely than women to watch porn when they masturbate while women use their imagination.

Check out the full report from Tenga here.

5 thoughts on “Gay Men Beat Straight Guys At What Activity…?”

  1. I’m 29 and I do it maybe once

    I'm 29 and I do it maybe once a week… I just don't care about it anymore… and hell I haven't been laid in MONTHS… 

  2. I use to masturbate almost

    I use to masturbate almost everyday a week of I hace enough time. I'm multiorgasmic and if I hace the time I enjoy edgindg about 45 minuts. I'be discovered of edging and post cum vídeos and at my 55 years old this vídeos turn me on as when I was 18. That surprised me a lot.

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  4. 45 years old. I jerk off at

    45 years old. I jerk off at least 5 times a week, sometimes with my 30 year old boyfriend, sometimes alone. Started jerking off at age 11 and through my teens I would jerk off at least once a day, more often twice a day, every day. Got my first boyfriend (he was 21) when I was 20 so less jerking off as it was replaced with tons of other good sex with him. 

  5. Rarely a day goes by when I

    Rarely a day goes by when I don't masturbate, most often two or three times a day. I've been that way since I was 12 and I'm 43 now. surprise


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