Gay Men Scared Off #ProudBoys With Pics Of Men Kissing

People photo created by tirachardz –

Ah, looks like we’ve learned something from the Kpop stans.

Earlier today, #ProudBoys started to trend on Twitter. While the hashtag may have started off as a way for white supremacists to express their support of Donald Trump and the violence that has taken over the United States of America, that did not last. Thankfully, LGBTQ people took over the hashtag by spreading images and videos of gay men kissing, participating in pride, strutting, dancing, and anything else under the rainbow.

In the past few months, the Proud Boys have risen to prominence. The extremist, alt-right group is known for terrorizing citizens and inciting violence based on a white supremacist stance.

Donald Trump even supported the group during last week’s Presidential debate. Moderator Chris Wallace asked Trump, “Are you willing, tonight, to condemn white supremacists and militia groups and to say that they need to stand down?”

Trump then responded, “Proud Boys, stand back and stand by. But I’ll tell you what, somebody’s got to do something about antifa and the left.”

Due to the President himself inciting violence, there’s been a rise of people joining the Proud Boy movement. But thankfully, gay/bi/trans men stepped in to quiet the flames online. And they did after taking a play from a book penned by Kpop fans. In the past few months, Kpop fans have taken over hashtags like #ImWithJKRowling. Specifically, they post pictures and videos of Korean pop stars so that hateful tweets get lost in the fold.

After taking notes from Kpop fans, it looks like gay men and other LGBTQ people have a new way to tackle hate online. We love to see it!

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