Gay Nephew Fears Sleeping With His Uncle’s Former Flames!

Young Gay Man Lives in Fear Of Sleeping With His Uncle’s Exes

Awkward! A Reddit User is living in constant fear of hooking up with his uncle’s exes in their small town. The post reads:

“I have an uncle who is gay and older than me (I'm 21 he's 41) and we live in a small city (countryside life).”

Ahh, small town life! I’ve grown up in the Chicago metropolitan area and have since lived in the major cities in California. I’ve always wanted to have small town life problems. Wouldn’t it be great to know everyone in your neighborhood…and their dirty little secrets?

The user continues:

“I'm not close to him as much and he doesn't tell anyone he's gay. But the thing is: all the older guys I try to hang out with are friends of him. Some can also be fuckbuddies of him. I don't know. I'm always scared that I might can be going out with some of his fuckbuddies, and I don't want that. I'm scared that if I go out with someone he already goes out with, even without me knowing it, he would be mad and tell everything about my sexuality to my family. Do you guys understand what I wanted to express? Don't know how to be more clear. How could I handle this situation?”

First, props to this guy for loving older men! I’m right there with you, buddy. But, let’s breakdown his request.

Personally, I would tell my uncle of my sexuality. I have yearned to have a gay relative. Without question, I’d want to know the facts on the LGBTQ Community in my small town. Especially, I’m sure my would-be-favorite uncle would lay down some wisdom and help me out! Wouldn’t it have been great to have a warning on that potentially shady character or who is genuinely a good person? I believe that this uncle and nephew could become a great team and bond. It’s time for the nephew to come clean!

Although, it appears as if the user doesn’t want to sleep with his uncle’s former flames. In a small town with an even smaller gay community; is that possible? Yikes! I’d have to chat with my uncle immediately.

Some other Reddit Users gave their insight:

“Come out to him, ask him which friends of his are good ***** and which guys to avoid.”

“Man I would be weirded out if I was maybe getting my uncles sloppy seconds”

“this sounds like an awesome opportunity to have an older guy show you the ropes of the community without trying to get into your pants. I bet if you talk to him he'll be cool about it and he'll guide you on who is a skeeve and who is cool.”

“ok, first of all, DAMN can ALL yall chill? its possible for gay guys NOT to sleep with every gay in a 30 mile radius. its likely he may have done things with a few guys but not every single guy. gays can be platonic friends you know. but yeah, logically, if he keeps that side of his life to himself, he wouldnt out you because that would mean he would out himself in the process. but im pretty sure regardless, that he knows that you dont out someone who isnt ready, cause thats a shitty thing to do to someone as for the fear of him being angry, that would only really happen if the guy you were with was supposed to only be seeing your uncle. and even then, it would be at the other guy for cheating. but idk if you know if hes actually seeing anyone exclusively or not. its all hypothetical. and there would be no reason for him to get mad if you did happen to sleep with a fb of his. fb's are not inherently exclusive relationships.”

Alright, now I need to know what you would do. Would you seek advice from your would-be-uncle? Would you move as far away as you could?! What’s your Instinct?

What do you think?