Gay Nephew Responds To Aunt’s No Vote On Respect for Marriage Act

By now we have all blurted out a big F.U. after we saw Representative Vicky Hartzler’s time at the podium on the house floor. A Republican’t from Missouri, Vicky got all emotional and tearfully begged her colleagues to vote against a bill that would protect same-sex marriage nationwide.


“I’ll tell you my priorities: Protect religious liberty, protect people of faith and protect Americans who believe in a true meaning of marriage. I hope and pray that my colleagues find the courage to join me in opposing this misguided and this dangerous bill.”

Maybe she was finally sharing all of her tears from her losing her primary earlier this year. But probably not, she sounds afraid of gay marriage, love, other people’s happiness. 


Her little viral “religious panties in a twist” moment is going viral again, but this time, it’s all wrapped up in a big gay bow as her gay nephew has responded.

Where else, but to TikTok he went. Andrew Hartzler posted a video slamming his aunt Vicky Hartzler for her eye-roll inducing tearful show on the house floor as she tried to gain support against the Respect for Marriage Act.

“Today, my aunt Vicky started crying because gay people like me can get married. So despite coming out to my aunt this past February, I guess she’s still as much of a homophobe.”

But this is not just a big ol’ gay clap back. It’s not just a quick TikTok that you’ll share with friends. It’s not rainbows and unicorns and just saying “Love is Love”.  Andrew’s response to Aunt Vicky is one that is a must watch and maybe even a couple of times. It’s a big F.U. to the system, to the familial system that he had to fight growing up in, the college system he was placed into, the conversion therapy he was forced to take, to the politicians that do not understand that words do become weapons and they do lead to people being hurt.


MSNBC interviewed Andrew and this is more of a must-see than his TikTok.


I was impressed, saddened, supportive, and appreciative after watching Andrew on MSNBC.

Andrew also shared a little more family history with NBC:


Andrew, who works in social services and lives in Tulsa, Okla., grew up down the block from his aunt in Kansas City, Mo. He said he recalls childhood memories of picnics, bike rides and trips to Washington, D.C., with her. He added that he would wake up early in the mornings on their family trips so his aunt could take him through the underground tunnel system beneath the Capitol Building.

This type of relationship no longer exists for when he came out to her in February, the tide turned and she basically dismissed him, but he was used to that as other members of his conservative family did so in the years prior when he came out to them.

Aunt and nephew have not spoken since February, but she had invited him to her family’s Thanksgiving dinner. It was unclear if this was before or after the viral videos, but he did tell NBC that he not feel comfortable attending.

Thank you Andrew for taking a stand against hate. He also told NBC News in a different interview that he felt compelled to speak out against his aunt so that his last name is not associated with hate. “The Hartzler name should be for love.”

Source:  NBC  , MSNBC

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