Gay NYC Mayoral Candidate Gets Vocal In Cuomo’s #MeToo Scandal

Image by Jeff Reed: New York City Council

Another voice is calling for the resignation of New York Governor Andrew Cuomo.

Carlos Menchaca is a New York City Council member representing District 38. Menchaca is the first openly gay officeholder in Brooklyn and is the New York State’s first Mexican-American elected official. But, Menchaca is also attempting to become a new first. The city’s first openly gay mayor.


Carlos Menchaca announced in October last year that he would be running for the mayoral seat. He did so while promising “a new day for New York City,” as the Gotham Gazette reported at the time.

“I’ve been a constant and consistent voice of the people,” Menchaca said, “and when I think about who’s actually going to win this race on behalf of the people and create a people’s movement, a people’s mayor, a people’s government — that’s me, and that’s my work, and my relationship with community.”

Image via Facebook @NYC4Carlos

But in the midst of his campaign for the mayoral seat, Menchaca has another governmental position on his mind. The governor’s position. Though Menchaca doesn’t want to run for governor, he wants the current governor to resign.


Governor Andrew Cuomo is currently under pressure to resign after six women accused the governor of sexual harassment. According to the South Florida Gay News, not many politicians have spoken out against Cuomo during this time. That includes President Joe Biden who declined to take a side on Sunday, March 14. As CNN reports, the President instead stated that there is an investigation underway and “we should see what it brings us.” But when it comes to Menchaca, there’s no appropriate action to take other than call for Cuomo’s resignation.

“Other mayoral candidates kicked the can on Cuomo to state legislators and the AG. I was the first mayoral candidate to call for Cuomo to resign. You will always know where I stand with women and survivors #CuomoHasToGo,” Menchaca wrote on March 12 in a now-deleted tweet.

Will Cuomo end up resigning and will Menchaca’s passionate call affect his mayoral campaign? The Cuomo investigation continues and a winner for the Democratic primary will be announced after the election on June 22.

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