Gay Pride Flag Ripped Down From Home Of Long Island Gay Rights Activist

A gay rights activist is stressed right now after the rainbow flag outside her apartment door in Long Island was ripped down and thrown in the trash.

34-year-old Lauren, whose last name is being withheld for safety reasons, was recently shocked to find the gay pride flag hanging outside her Long Island apartment’s door missing.

After filing a report with the police, an investigation quickly discovered surveillance footage of a man walking up to the door, ripping off the flag, and walking out of the complex with it in hand. Police say the incident happened around midnight this past Thursday night (July 12).

"He walked past other flags, American flags, Rangers flags, and he chose to target the gay flag," said Lauren to ABC7NY in the video below.

Thanks to security footage seeing the man walk into the complex with a neighbor, police were able to discover the culprits name through said neighbor. That said, no arrest has been made yet, which is causing Lauren’s earlier mentioned stress.

"I'm scared about retaliation, I'm scared about what this guy could do next if he already did something like that, so right now I'm scared for myself and my daughter and family," Lauren explained.

While the flag was found in the dumpster the day after the crime, police are just treating the case as a simple theft and not a hate crime.

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