Gay Pride Parade Postponed Due To War

In 2005, Portland, Maine’s Pride Pier Dance was moved inside due to inclement weather and possibly to avoid the annual complaints about too much noise after 1 AM.  It has never returned to the outdoors.  We moaned and groaned about the change and the pride celebration really has not been the same without the Pier Dance.

During this year’s Stonewall Pride events here in Wilton Manors, I complained about the rain and poor turnout.  The events were still held, but attendance was lower than desired.  Don’t get me wrong, fun was still had, but expectations were not met.

This year, another pride event is being altered, but the reason is much more serious than a rainy forecast.  The Jerusalem Pride Parade has been postponed until this Thursday due to the war in Gaza.  This 11-year old event has seen much public outcry against it over the years, but in more recent years, the parade has had less protests due to the public being more “focused on other threats, like the Hamas military buildup in Gaza.”  With the increased activity in Gaza, Pride organizers have put off the parade until September 18th.  Read the post from Israel Today here.

Kudos to Jerusalem Pride organizers for staying the course over the last 11 years and holding pride events in the most religious city in the world.  One of the protesters to Jerusalem Pride events stated, “more than 90 percent of residents oppose this parade. This is the holy city, and this kind of parade has no place here.”  Protesters are stating they will be there during the parade, no matter what the date.

So next time I complain about a pride event, its poor attendance, or inclement weather, I’m going to think of Jerusalem Pride and what they need to endure and how good we have it here.  Just holding an event is the greatest battle in some places, where we need to get the best has or has been singer and include all the letters / colors of the rainbow.  Best of luck this year Jerusalem.  And maybe I'll just put your city on my list of places to visit, especially if there are men like these to see.

What do you think?