Gay Prisoner Tormented By Staff And Inmates Committed Suicide To Escape, Now His Partner Is Suing

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A gay inmate committed suicide after being bullied by other prisoners and neglected by the prison guard.

On September 11, 2017, gay couple Jerry and Markus were arrested. While Jerry spent only 9 days in jail for driving without a license, Markus stayed in jail longer for false informing and resisting law enforcement charges. Plus, his bond of $7,500 was too high to pay.

Then in October of 2017, Markus Middleton was discovered unconscious in a Noble County Jail cell. The 23-year-old had hung himself while the police guard weren’t looking.

After discovering his body, confinement officers entered the cell and performed life-saving measures until Noble County MES arrived, according to the Journal Gazette. But despite attempts to revive Middleton by medics, he was declared dead later that night.

Now, Middleton’s partner, Jerry, is suing

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According to Wane, Indiana local news, the Noble County Sheriff’s department, jail commander, and jail staff are facing a wrongful death lawsuit over the passing of Markus Middleton. The lawsuit claims that Markus was denied mental health treatment and faced harassment over his sexuality.

Jerry’s lawsuit says that Markus was "continuously mocked, harassed, threatened, and denied mental health treatment" despite his diagnosis of bipolar disorder and depression.

Markus was also denied protective custody, according to LGBTQ Nation, despite being “repeatedly threatened with harm by fellow inmates and discriminatorily mocked and taunted by jail guards because of his sexuality.”

"Like I was in complete shock when they told me but I mean I know, when I warned them I know of his past, so that's why I told them what I knew but I didn't really think it would be that serious..I guess i'm just hoping for more answers, and justice, cause I have to live the rest of my life, I mean I don't really understand it I guess." Jerry told

The lawsuit is currently pending in the federal district court for northern Indiana.

h/t: The Journal Gazette,, LGBTQ Nation

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