Gay Republican Delegate From Texas Explains Why GOP Is Better For Gays


There's been some division in the rainbow family over this election.  I'm more on the democratic side of the fence than the Republican one, but you could probably tell that from my blog Trump Offers Protection Promise To LGBT Community, But From Whom?  From that blog posted last night just after Mr. Trump's RNC speech, many of the comments were pro-Trump.  How does the LGBT support stack up for each candidate.  From a May article in the Washington Blade, we find:


As the nominees for the 2016 presidential election have become more clear, a new survey finds LGBT voters support Hillary Clinton for president over Donald Trump by a 4-1 margin.

The New York-based Whitman Insight Strategies made the findings public on Wednesday as a result of a nationwide survey it conducted of 338 likely voters who identified as LGBT.

According to the survey, 84 percent of likely LGBT voters back Clinton, compared to the 16 percent who support Trump, a significant margin showing more than 4 in 5 LGBT voters would vote for the former secretary of state.

That shows greater support for the Democratic candidate in 2016 among LGBT voters than exit polls showed among gay, lesbian and bisexual voters in 2012. At the time, exit polls revealed President Obama won 76 percent of the LGBT vote, compared to the 16 percent won by then-Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney. –

So why would an LGBTer support Trump?  Here's one young new sprite to tell us why he's a Trump supporter.




CLEVELAND—As Slate met delegates in and around the Republican National Convention, one of the less expected was Colton Buckley, a young Republican from Texas who came out as gay shortly after the massacre at the Pulse nightclub in Orlando. Fresh faced and cheerfully strident, he told us more gay Republicans need to come out, why LGBT people should never support Hillary Clinton, and how he reconciles the GOP’s anti-gay platform with his support for the party.

Also, this: “I may be one of the most conservative gay Republicans here because of the fact that I don’t believe in same-sex marriage.” –


What are your thoughts?  Does he have a point? A babe in the woods?


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