Gay Resort Will Be Encouraging Full Nudity One Weekend in September


Not like the city of Palm Springs needed another reason for people to roam around naked, however there's something that needs to be said when its done with the right purpose in mind. 


INNdulge, a leading gay resort in Palm Springs which we checked out last year, is once again inviting men to get in touch with their bodies and spirits, September 27 through the 30th, for three fun days of uninhibited camaraderie under the hot desert sun at NAKED ARTISTS & FRIENDS WEEKEND.


This year, the festivities start early with the resort’s first Body Acceptance Workshop, taking place September 25 through the 27th. The two-day seminar will help men overcome body issues with tailored group discussions, step-by-step plans, light physical activities (stretching/yoga, beginner gym time) and individual coaching sessions; all in the safe, nonjudgmental, clothing-optional environment that is INNdulge.


“There’s a whole body positivity movement for women going on today but body acceptance among men is not being addressed,” says Jon Jackson, a co-owner of INNdulge. “Men are suffering silently while the media bombards us with idealized images of what our bodies should look like.” Topics that will be covered at the Body Acceptance Workshop include Appearance (age, body hair, skin, etc.), Weight & Belly, Why Nudism?, and, of course, Penis Size. “The porn industry sells fantasy as entertainment, and that’s fine, but many men are fooled into thinking that huge penises are common,” continues Jackson. The goal of the workshop is to help men develop pride and a love for the skin they are in.

At the end of the two-day course, they will be given a step-by-step blueprint to help them maintain their confidence when they return home. Those who wish to continue their nudist journey will stay for NAKED ARTISTS & FRIENDS WEEKEND, an exciting weekend of camaraderie with other naked men.


NY artist Shungaboy will lead the festivities that include Naked Figure Drawing, a Naked Hike in the desert, Naked Yoga and relaxation by the INNdulge pool. “All activities are optional, so men can enjoy the weekend at their own pace,” says Shungaboy. “It will also be a judgment-free weekend, meaning weight, fitness level, penis size and drawing skills do not matter!” “As we navigate through our busy lives in these tech-driven times, it is important for men to be in touch with their bodies and spirits,” continues Shungaboy from his home in New York. “A deeper understanding of ourselves enables men to steer through the distractions and obstacles of life and work toward achieving our dreams and goals.”

“Being naked also peels away the outer layer most of us use to deceive ourselves and it encourages us to love who we truly are,” he adds. The weekend’s signature activity is Naked Figure Drawing. Assisting Shungaboy this year will be Tyler Alpern, artist and founder of Gay Men's Figure Drawing Group in Boulder, Colorado. Tyler will provide one-on-one drawing instruction to anyone who wants guidance. Unlike traditional drawing groups, where the model is naked and the artists are clothed, everyone is naked at NAKED ARTISTS & FRIENDS WEEKEND.

There are no hired models; guests take turns posing for each other. Anyone interested in posing is encouraged to give it a try. “It’s empowering and a lot of fun!” says Shungaboy. –

For more information on INNdulge, click here.

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