Gay Rugby Player Goes On First Date – On TV – Was It A Match?

It's hard enough finding a date out there.  Now imagine one of your first dates as an openly gay man, fresh out of the closet, fresh from coming out to your wife, fresh from telling the world of rugby that you prefer men.  Now throw one of your first dates onto national television.  Are you game?

Roughly a year ago, 28 year old Keegan Hirst became the first British rugby league player to come out as gay. With a wife and two kids, but severely depressed, coming out was the right decision to make.  I am not sure that he thought through the choice of signing up for The UK's Channel 4 Celebrity First Dates.


For a while Celebrity First Dates was a joy and an inspirational evening to us all, particularly viewers who were single and pathologically shy/neurotic.

Three of the famous names’ encounters were so touching, adsorbing, and smouldering that suddenly the prospect of having dinner with a total stranger didn’t seem that painful after all but decidedly lovely.

Then for the fourth date Paddy arrived, gradually proving such so excruciating he would put anyone off the idea of going out on a blind date ever again (or even just going out of the house, in case you bumped into him). –

Who is Paddy White?  Here's a small clip of the date where Paddy is doing most of the talking.





For more information on how the date went, head over to where they elaborate on the following:

1. Paddy’s habit of keeping his fans informed about his every move – and bowel movement.

2. The time Paddy tweeted while having sex.

3. The way Paddy tried to force Keegan to swap food.

4. The way Paddy tried to tell Keegan what to eat for dessert – a combination of number 3 and 5.

5. Paddy seemingly believing he was actually a ‘guru'.

6. Paddy’s excruciating attempts at flirting.

Of course tweeting during sex isn't a bad thing, is it ?  Maybe it was just one time?  Was this a good introduction to the dating scene for Keegan?  I am sure many of us can relate. 

Does anyone know how we can view the whole episode of this Celebrity First Dates?

What have been some of the more "colorful" facts you have learned about someone on your first date?



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  1. Surely they couldve found

    Surely they couldve found someone more better than this twit that kept sticking his foot in his mouth. Poor keegan looks like he wanted to run!


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