Gay Singer Zain Mitchlan Is The New Ambassador For Muslim Fashion Brand MOGA

An openly gay singer is now the ambassador for a Muslim fashion brand.


Last year, MOGA went viral after it sold a rainbow scarf for Pride. Now, they’ve re-released the scarf, but this time they’re using an Australian singer to market it.

If you’re a fan of the Voice Australia, you may be familiar with Zain Mitchlan. While he didn’t make it far in the competition, he was memorable enough to gain many fans.

Now, not only is the 23-year-old creating music, but he’s also acting as the ambassador for MOGA’s Pride campaign.


When speaking about Mitchlan, a MOGA spokesperson said he, “joins our growing movement of youth ambassadors to help spread our message of universal love and acceptance of ALL human beings, regardless of skin color, race or sexual orientation and identity.”

As for Mitchlan, he told GayStarNews that he’s more than happy to work with the fashion brand.

“My goal in life is to bring a smile to as many faces as I can by showing that life, although might seem ever changing and wild, is even more beautiful when you are in it,” he said.

“So teaming up with an incredible brand such as MOGA is another step forward in doing exactly that.”

Again, the rainbow scarfs are now on sale, along with rainbow earrings, and proceeds will go towards CARE Foundation for the education of young women.

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  1. Muslim fashion brand?

    Muslim fashion brand?

    Islam hates homosexual people. This may look like a progressive attitude but DO NOT BE DECIEIVED, islam is our enemy.

    Don't be blinded by taqiyya moves. Always remember islam is blood thirsty making homosexual people live a nightmare and taking their lives in the Middle East as we speak.


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