Gay Sports Bars are the New Hot Place to Watch the Super Bowl

Gay sports bars have become a growing trend in the gay community across the nation, as several of them cater to events designed around the latest in what's going on in sports, as well as hosting viewing parties for RuPaul's Drag Race and several other types of events that will make even the pickiest of gay dude enjoy themselves.

What's even better (not for all, but for some) is how fluid these bars have become.  It's opened themselves to a world where you see a mixture of straight, gay, bi and everything in between coming together to celebrate a big night ahead, and one of these big celebrations coming up happens to be the Super Bowl.

Take for instance Boxers Sports Bar, which has become one of the biggest in New York City as well as a fourth location in Philadelphia. The bars mix elements of a typical sports bar — pool table, TV screens, beer on tap, nachos and chicken wings — with queer touches like DJs,  Britney Spears music videos and screenings of RuPaul’s Drag Race.  The result is a comfortable atmosphere for all!  Ladies first started coming with their gay friends.  Now, the ladies are bringing along their boyfriends and the wonderful thing is everyone is welcome.  

Even if you are not in a major city like NYC, several smaller town gay bars and gay sports bars will cater to major sporting events like this, where tons of people will either be rooting for the Philadelphia Eagles or The New England Patriots, as well as if Justin Timberlake will be bringing out Janet Jackson for the halftime show in an attempt to right a major wrong from over a decade ago.

Do you plan on hitting up a gay sports bar for the Super Bowl or any other major sporting events?


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