Gay Sports Climber Campbell Harrison on “Powerful” Qualifying Kiss

Australian sports climber Campbell Harrison received a perfect score at the Oceania boulder and lead qualifier, making him achieve his eight-year dream. Aside from that, he also showed a powerful moment of LGBTQ+ representation when he shared a kiss with his boyfriend Justin as they celebrated him qualifying for the Paris Olympics. <3


In November 2023, the gay athlete shared about his victory on Instagram, opening up about his journey, as well as thanking the people who were there for him along the way. Among the people he mentioned was the LGBTQ+ community, writing:

“To my queer community  May those who detest us forever f*ck off.”

More recently, Harrison talked about the significance of said kiss, which he reportedly didn’t think much of at the time. 

“From what I could see, every athlete who qualified kissed their partner on the live stream. But when it’s two men, it catches attention for sure. And that can be a good and powerful thing,” he told Outsports.


The sports climber further expressed,

“I’m glad all the feedback I’ve seen has been so positive, but it’s interesting how this one really caught people’s eye: the same-sex couple.”

The lovely couple’s kiss was captured in the video of Harrison’s win, which you can watch here:


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