Gay Trump Devotee Richard Grenell Sells Out & Trades His Soul

Please allow me to jump right in. One of the things I despise most in life is the” self-loathing gay.” Do you know the term? “The “self-loathing gay” as a terminology may seem dramatic; it’s not a hyperbolic term. No, it is rather the embodiment of any homosexual who supports politicians or legislation that distinctly contrasts their self-interest as an LGBTQ-identifying people.


A few prime examples come to mind, like Kaitlyn Jennifer. Despite an initial all-out parade of support from the LGBTQ community, she continued to identify as a conservative, Republican Trump supporter after her transition from Bruce Jenner to womanhood. Then, there are the continuous missteps of popular Drag personality Elaine Lancaster. Despite her love of dressing up in frilly, girly things, Lancaster can’t seem to let go of her true nature – white, male and privileged, as she stumps for Trump and pushes lies about the greatness of the “Trump economy.” Just FYI, the Obama economy was far greater.

Even with these grotesque examples, perhaps there is no more an egregious representation of self-loathing gays than The Log Cabin Republicans. This group, which I abbreviate to” Log Cabin Queens,” is comprised of a bunch of gays, white men who are conflicted over either giving up the comfortable white privilege that is afforded to them by default – or just being who they really are and joining in the fight against their oppressors. 

Enter Richard Grenell, a former US ambassador and Trump-supporting gay who joined the orange King’s administration months ago.

Grenell must have really impressed his boss because he recently announced his promotion to a newly appointed role: Special Advisor for National Security and Foreign Policy for the American Center for Law and Justice (ACLJ).


That sounds impressive. However, the ACLJ was founded by the gay-hating minister Pat Robertson. The ACLJ is an ultra-conservative mouthpiece whose sole mission it seems is to deny LGBTQ people legal protections.

In a statement posted to the ACLJ’s website, Grenell shared, 

“Im excited to be joining the ACLJ. I have admired their work for years. This group has been instrumental in defending religious freedom here and around the world and upholding the Constitution. Two issues that I also consider of utmost importance, mostly as faith and liberty, continually falls under attack. I look forward to being a part of their incredible organization.”


Ok, let’s start there. Grenell is a married gay, married man. So the fact that he advocates for this group in any way is unconscionable. The ACLJ’s entire existence oppresses gay people and suppresses their civil liberties, so in what alternative universe does a gay person support them?  He even went as far recently to declare that Donald Trump is the most pro gay president in American history, somehow looking past President Barack Obama ending the discriminatory Don’t Ask Don’t Tell policy and ushering in gay marriage equality. Like seriously, what the hell is Grenell smoking?

There’s only one reason for any of this in my opinion: gay Republicans suffer from the psychological disorder known as Stockholm Syndrome.

According to Merriam Webster, Stockholm Syndrome is a psychological condition by which a hostage begins to bond with, identify with, or sympathize with his or her captor or oppressor. What else could explain Grenell and the Log Cabin Republicans’ bizarre position to defend with every fiber of their being, a Republican Party that is factually the most homophobic administration in American history? The GOP wouldn’t even let the Log Cabin Republicans speak at the 2016 convention as they foolishly rallied around Donald Trump for president.

Simply put, Grenell and his ilk are the worst. What angers me the most is how they continue to have the audacity to show up at major LGBTQ social events, restaurants, clubs, concerts, etc. They enjoy our community’s very best, while like traitors, they work with our oppressors against our – AND THEIR OWN civil liberties.


To Mister Grenell, Log Cabin Queens, and former LCR Director, Gregory T. Angelo, I suggest you all put politics aside. Instead, invest in a good therapist to help you come to terms with why you continue to advocate for a political party that has proven time and time again, honey, THEY DON’T WANT YOU! Get help!

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