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On Monday, Instinct reported on the recent New York Times profile of former ‘liberal” gay couple, Bryan Eure and husband Bill White, who after years of supporting Democratic politicians, jumped ship the night of the 2016 presidential election and suddenly became Trump supporters.

And when I write “the night of,” Bill White literally left Hillary Clinton’s event in Manhattan as the returns came in and drove across town to Donald Trump’s party immediately shifting his loyalty in the blink of an eye.

Now, the duo are throwing $5 million fundraisers for the Trumpster and boast about having Don Trump Jr. on speed dial.

It turns out the couple has even more in common with Donald Trump than we knew. Eure, a commercial insurance broker, has just as much animus towards the transgender community as his idol does.

Upon publication of the NY Times piece, activist/drag queen Marti Gould Cummings took to Instagram to comment on Eure’s gushing obsession for the current White House resident.

“This is shameful and disgusting,” Cummings wrote. “Chelsea didn’t wave at you, Hillary didn’t take a photo so you jump ship … The incredible privilege you have shows in this article. You could be using your wealth to help transgender people [whom] Trump is actively discriminating against or you could use it to help families seeking asylum. You are both gross.”

To which social climber Eure replied, “Transgender is gross.”

Eure deleted the exchange but Cummings screen-capped the comment before it disappeared into the ether and posted it to his account with the caption, “Hey @euregram you can delete your reply but just to remind people that you posted it — here ya go.” 

The internet IS forever, don’t you know?





Hey @euregram you can delete your reply but just to remind people that you posted it – here ya go

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But Eure wasn’t done revealing himself. It seems he really, really likes attention.

The profile in the Times apparently didn’t fawn over him enough, so he wrote his own version of his Trump love affair for the far-right leaning website, The Daily Caller.

In his self-penned essay he takes umbrage over the fact that people were offended a gay man’s defense of Donald Trump being dismissed with his statement, “I don’t believe in identity politics.”

He also underscores his wealthy, white privilege by announcing, “I’m 39-years-old. I grew up in the new world — where we were all in school together and there was no true discrimination.”

“No true discrimination?” People of color, LGBTQ folks or women don’t experience discrimination?

I think Mr. Eure has spent a lot more time in the Hamptons than he has “the new world.”

Folks in the Twitterverse weren’t too taken with the self-proclaimed ‘power couple.’

Longtime LGBTQ activist/author Michelangelo Signorile tweeted:



And from Wayne Besen, founder of ’Truth Wins Out:’


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(h/t Queerty, Daily Caller)

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  1. They are liars. They aren’t

    They are liars. They aren't really gay men. They are just pretending be gays but they aren't.

    They are profiting with gay cause.

  2. I said trans is a separate

    I said trans is a separate thing from homosexuality. And even though I have a big problem with the stances taken by a lot of transfolk,  I didn't say I don't wish them the best, like I wish the best to any other minority.

  3. Wtf?!  Transwomen have been

    Wtf?!  Transwomen have been fighting for LGBT rights since Stonewall and this is how you repay us?!  We are all human and should all fight against bigotry and hate, not create more of it. 

  4. I don’t think one should be

    I don't think one should be rude to transgender folk, but I'm still one in the "separate from the T "crowd. It's a whole different thing from being gay or lesbian and just confuses the whole subject. T's should have their own movement for their own issues.  And silly Signorile should mind his business. 

  5. that’s exactly what you just

    that's exactly what you just did without your comment though? are you that unintellectual?

  6. To tell someone which way or

    To tell someone which way or side yo vote and be on is being a bully, everyone is entitled to their own opinions, its YOU who has a problem with that.  Mind your own damn business and live your life.  

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