Gay Twitter Had A Field Day After An Article Blamed Lack Of Interest In Boobs For Failing Hooters Chain

Despite Twitter being a place full of political disputes, and possibly becoming more chaotic with forced opposing views, it’s also a place with lots of viral trends and jokes.

One of the latest jokes came out of responses to a Complex article.

According to Pink News, Complex wrote an article stating that Hooters is closing down many of its locations and then makes the statement that it’s because many millennials are losing interest in boobs.

As stupid as that assumption sounds, it’s also a great setup for a viral trend and joke.

Several millennials jumped on the bandwagon of responding that millennials are gay AF now and love c***, or just enjoy a** nowadays.

Here are some of our favorite tweets.

Keep in mind, Hooters may be closing down, or not according to its Twitter account which is calling Complex fake news, but male equivalent Boxers is thriving.

The gay owned and focused sports bar is much like Hooters (in that the staff all wear very revealing clothing), but is focused on men.

“As the gay community has continued its migration, so has Boxers,” co-owner Bob Fluet explained to Hornet back in January. “We’re a place to hang out with friends, relax, have fun, listen to great music, catch a sports game, eat, mingle or watch an episode of RuPaul’s Drag Race. We also strive to bring greater visibility to the gay community in each neighborhood we serve.”

So far, the chain has multiple locations in New York City and one in Philadelphia. But with its success leading to two freshly opened locations earlier this year, there’s a strong chance the chain will branch out to more cities in the future.

It sounds like millennials will be all over that.

h/t: Pink News, Hornet

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