Gay Twitter Went Crazy Over This Man’s Five-Year Body Transformation

Dusty Fuller show his 5-year transformation in the pursuit of a bear’s body / Image via Twitter @Cubby_84

A gay man is going viral for his transformation from a muscular build to a bear's body.

Business analyst Dusty Fuller, who goes by Cubby online, gained over 100 pounds and has entered the world of the bear community. Fuller wanted to show that five-year transformation on Twitter, and the photos have now gone viral.

In two separate tweets, Fuller simply says, “5 years, +100lb”

Fuller then elaborated more while talking to GayStarNews:

“My weight gain was on purpose. I used to strive to be a huge muscled dude with abs. I started lifting weights in 2012 and worked hard at lifting and counting calories and macros for a few years. However, I just wasn’t increasing my size like I wanted to. I had always been envious of beefier muscled bears, so in 2015 I decided to go that route to increase my size…I wanted to become a Bear.”

But how did he make this shift specifically? Fuller also shared that he lifts weights four days a week while consuming somewhere between 4,000 and 5,000 calories. But, he states that he is focused on maintaining his health to make sure that his newfound weight doesn’t risk his well-being.

“My health takes priority over my weight and size.”

Many have commented positively and negatively on Fuller's change, but what is constant is the fact that many are talking about him. If you’re interested in seeing more of“Cubby” Fuller, you can follow him on Twitter or Instagram.






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25 thoughts on “Gay Twitter Went Crazy Over This Man’s Five-Year Body Transformation”

  1. I had a friend  that was very

    I had a friend  that was very attractive that had tried working out to fit into the jock category but gave up and decided to become a bear. He purposely put on 60 lbs of fat!!!! So unhealthy. Everyone was so worried about him. We told him to stop trying to fit in a category. His weight is down now thank God. Some guys want to be twinks and starve themselves. Some guys want to bears and eat so unhealthy to gain weight. Nothing wrong with having an average body.

  2. He’s not a bear, he’s just

    He's not a bear, he's just fat and he purposely made himself get that way. I can understand getting older and putting on some weight and getting little belly.

    • If he looks like a bear, acts

      If he looks like a bear, acts like a bear, and feels like a bear. You don’t get to decide if he’s a bear or not. Don’t understand his decision? Great, since he didn’t ask you to, you’re right on target 

  3. Some people way more than

    Some people way more than others, if he got tired of trying to fit in with superficial fucktards more power to him and fuck the rest of you. 

  4. There must be a lot of

    There must be a lot of psychology behind all of this. IMO, no man should ever want to look 9 months-with-twins pregnant. He destroyed an impressive physique, which appeared to be a level of fitness that very few men ever achieve. He clearly wants "in" to a very specific social group.

    • As the saying goes, “Opinions are like assholes, everybody’s got one and everyone thinks everyone else’s stinks.” Your perception of an impressive physique is only your opinion. I find his physique now very impressive! GRRRRRR!!!

  5. Getting heavier and hairier

    Getting heavier and hairier IS NATURAL and not "letting oneself go."

    There's some foolish notion that you're suppose to maintain your teen weight throughout your life — nothing could be further from the truth.

    And just because he's heavy doesn't mean he's unhealthy. That's a myth too. Skinny people die too from unhealthy bodies.



  6. dumb, dumber and dumbest

    dumb, dumber and dumbest thing to do to your body willingly. all because he wanted to be a bear…go to the flipping zoo, bro,

  7. Risking heart disease,

    Risking heart disease, diabetes, and lord knows what else, this poor kid has self-image problems out the wazoo.   I really hope he gets some sort of help before it's too late. 

  8. Do not tell me all that

    Do not tell me all that weight around his stomach is healthy. That is straight up fat, and he kind of fat that strangles your organs and arteries. Homeboy has bigger titties than I do, and i'm a 34 C.


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