Gay Twitter’s Fawning Over This Riverdale Clip

Images via Twitter @CW_Riverdale

Say what you want about Riverdale, but they sure know how to get our attention.

A few days ago, the popular CW show released a preview for its next episode, and it contained a very homoerotic sneak peek.

In the minute-long video, we see main character Archie (played by K.J. Apa) entering a steam room. It’s already gay enough just with that, but then the conversation starts going.

Archie has a small argument with Hiram Lodge (played by Kelly Ripa’s husband Mark Consuelos). Things get pretty heated including a badly hidden innuendo.

“I’m sick of you thinking you can control everyone, take over everything. You think you’re unstoppable which is why I want to kick your ass,” Archie tells the adult while wearing nothing but a towel. He then challenges Hiram to a boxing match.

We’d totally buy the moment for the intense big-stakes event it’s supposed to be… if it wasn’t happening in a steam room. The fact that a bunch of men are watching a grown man argue with a teenager before agreeing to fight him, while just in towels, took our attention from the dialogue.

And it looks like we’re not the only ones, as Twitter users were quick to pounce on the preview clip. The original tweet has received more than 6,000 likes and more than 600 people have responded with their own thoughts over the moment.

Let’s face it, Riverdale is basically shirtless dudes and convoluted plots. But while the storyline might isn’t keeping viewers, homoerotic scenes like the one above certainly are.

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