Gay Twitter’s Raving Over Their Straight BFs

Photo by Dimitar Belchev on Unsplash

One of the best things in life is having a best friend to enjoy it with.

A viral tweet from this weekend is leading to gay men sharing pictures of themselves with their straight best friends.

On Sunday (April 7), New Orleans student Bryce tweeted a picture and story about himself and his best friend Trent.

“I told my best friend I didn’t have a date to my nursing school formal,” Bryce shared.

“Him: Why didn’t u ask me? Me: Well Trent, because ur straight. Him: Bryce we’ve been buddies for years & it kinda hurts my feelings u think I still care what people say,” he added before concluding with, “In my opinion, everyone needs a Trent!”

The initial tweet has attracted more than 9,600 retweets, 109,000 likes, and 200 replies. Many of these replies then have gay men sharing pictures of their friendships and sharing a love for the message of bromance.

“Awww I have Trent too, my best bro Neil!! I loving call him my ‘gay bait’ haha!! He’s one of my only straight guy friends who will go dancing with me at the gay bars,” wrote one twitter user.

“This makes me so happy & I’m blessed to have so many ‘Trents’ in my life honestly,” shared another.

After seeing the swarm of loving responses to his original tweet, Bryce shared joy and reflected on the gay/straight friendships.

“Ok, seeing the responses of people who have someone in their life like my friend is honestly so reassuring. Like yes, men are trash. We get that. But there really are some gems out there w amazing hearts, who actually treat people as people (a concept you’d think everyone grasps)”

“I mean they should grasp it, but not everyone does for whatever reason. Aaaannnnnyyyyways. I figured this tweet would get positive feedback, but def didn’t think I would take it so personally (in the best way possible).”

“It’s just nice seeing other’s support systems regardless of what society labels them as, or how they personally identify themselves. There’s so much hate surrounding us in the world, but seeing some love shine through gives me hope for both the near & distant future.”

Let us know, who’s your Trent?

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