Gay Twitter’s Sharing Pics/Stories Of Their Accepting Dads

Images via Twitter @armaanimoon_ & @Devoland

Here’s your daily dose of adorable family love.

Some of Gay Twitter is collectively “awwing” at pictures of loving fathers. This happened after the below tweet about a man’s acceptance of his queer son went viral. The tweet shows the father also expressing that in hindsight, he can see signs of his son’s sexual orientation from back in his childhood.


Specifically, the Twitter account @armanimoon_ shared two pictures in a post that he captioned, “wow my dad bouta make me cry.” One of the attached pictures were of the father and the account owner as a baby. The second photo showed a text conversation between the father and his son. In it, the father shared another picture of his son at a younger age. The father then went on to tell his son:

“I will tell you a secret…

At that age you use to love playing with dolls….and I thought it was because you were surrounded by girls.

And now I know it was always in you

And to me you were perfect! 

Because you’re mine son”


While the moment is sweet, armanimoon_ laughed at the fact that his father recognized him as LGBTQ simply for playing with dolls. Despite that being a slightly outdated way of thinking, many Twitter users responded to the story with awe and love. After all, the message behind the text was one of love and acceptance.


Some Twitter users even shared pictures and stories of their fathers (and mothers!) accepting their sexual orientations.



What a beautiful moment on Twitter.

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