Gayme On! All The Details On The New Gayming Magazine

Credit: Gayming Magazine

It’s time to level up! Gayming Magazine, a online resource for the LGBTQ+ video game community, officially launches tomorrow, June 1.

The world of gayming has expanded exponentially as our community’s acceptance and visibility continues to grow.

There are endless forums, YouTube pages and more that are focused on this vital and growing section of the video game community.  Now you can find all your gaymer needs on this nifty new platform, which conveniently begins on the first day of Pride month.

Gayming Magazine will be the conduit between the community and the industry. Providing news, reviews, features and more, Gayming Magazine will look at the video games world with a queer twist.

Additionally, the Magazine’s focus will also be on bringing people together. Whether that is helping people connect with their local gaymer group, or by bringing the industry closer to the community through interviews and features on LGBTQ+ companies, developers or other notables.

With a diverse roster of writers and contributors from across the LGBTQ+ spectrum, Gayming Magazine promises to be an exciting companion website to the entertainment world.

Credit: Robin Gray

I spoke with Robin Gray, founder of Gayming Magazine, about his desires to start this and what fans can expect when it officially launches. 

What made you want to start a magazine that’s all about the world of Gayming? 

We’ve made a name for ourselves with producing magazines for LGBTQ niche communities like the bears or the over 40s, so when I discovered that there wasn’t a magazine for the LGBTQ video gamers, I knew what we had to do! 

Will the magazine be a mixture of games designed for the LGBTQ community and the world of people who are gaymers?

The magazine is going to focus on all games, from big blockbusters to indie games, that feature an LGBTQ element. We’ll also cover games that we know are LGBTQ favourites. Plus, yes, we’re looking at everything else to do with the Gaymer lifestyle… from clothing to opinion pieces. 

I’m also particularly proud of our spotlight interview series that will shine a light on LGBTQ people who work in the video games industry. The industry has had, and still has if we’re honest, issues around diversity, so it’s only right we celebrate that diversity where it does exist. Plus, if there are young LGBTQ people out there who want a career in gaming but maybe think the industry won’t accept them, then these interviews might just inspire some people to get involved! 

What are your thoughts on the video game industry overall in 2019? Do you think it’s still way too heteronormative?

The industry as a whole knows it has had problems with diversity, but there are loads of programmes now to help break some of those barriers, and we’re proud to be playing a part in that. 

In terms of games, there is a lot of heteronormativity and most games adopt an “assumed straight” starting point for their characters. I should say there has been a notable improvement with some games in recent years and this is to be applauded. There are also issues around homophobia in the mainstream video game player community, particularly related to online gaming and the audio channels during games. 

What do you hope readers will get out of Gayming Magazine?

Despite all the difficulties we just talked about, hundreds of thousands of LGBTQ people enjoy video games and have built whole communities around being a Gaymer and Gayming Magazine is ready to welcome them. 
Gayming is going to be a great mix of fun content with some serious stuff in there too. We’re not setting out to be a full video games magazine that competes with the other mainstream titles. We’re a companion site where people can go to read about the gaming world they love but with a queer twist! 

The online magazine is available to preview now at and officially launches on Saturday 1st June with an exclusive competition with big prizes up for grabs!

To keep up to date with everything Gayming, readers can follow @GaymingMag on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.


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