Gays Against Guns & Madonna Team Up with The Stonewall To End Gun Violence

11th Annual Madonna Worship  – Stonewall, NYC


On August 17th, I attended one of New York City’s most lively birthday celebrations for the legendary Queen of pop music –Madonna!

Hosted by DJ extraordinaire, DJ Chauncey, the 11th annual Madonna Worship rocked the walls of the iconic Stonewall Inn with a bevy of fabulous drag performers, guest speakers, prize  giveaways and live musical performances by the Debbie Donna’s and Chauncey, delivering their own unique interpretations of Madonna’s classic hits.
Rising Star DJ and Producer Chauncey D wrangling the crowd at Madonna Worship
As our beloved Madge turned 61 this year, the Stonewall Madonna Worship was particularly poignant, with heartfelt reflections of her decades of advocacy work on behalf of LGBTQ rights. Still continuing her strong relationship the gay community, Madonna has now also added the plight of gun control to her agenda.
Madonnathon @ Stonewall
Working in conjunction with Madonna on the epidemic gun control issue, the fearless organization, Gays Against Guns partnered with The Stonewall Inn Gives Back Initiative (SIGBI), for a pre- Madonna Worship party fundraiser. Donations and money raised will go toward combating a political system that thus far  has failed to make tangible efforts to end the rampant and senseless gun violence in America. 
Gays Against Guns

The SIGBI  has emerged in the past few years as a powerful non-profit charitable organization, inspired by the struggles and ideals of the LGBTQ rights movement born from the Stonewall Inn Uprising of 1969. The elimination of social intolerance is at the core of their mission and with the recent gun massacres stemming from hate crimes in the country, the Stonewall is ready to once again prevail on the right side of history. 

The 11th annual Madonna Worship was a blast, and the Stonewall Inn was packed. Madonna’s adoring fans of all ages danced the night away to her biggest hits, from “Burning up” to “Madame X”  – and all for a much needed and noble, much cause!  
At the end of the night an announcement was made that Madonna herself has donated a check to the organization, once again, putting her money where her mouth is. That’s why she’s always going to be THE QUEEN!

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