‘Gays Over Covid’ Sparks A Revolution: ‘Gays Over Circuit’ Has Arrived

It looks like the revolution has after all, been televised (as it turns out, direct from Puerta Vallarta). 

The beginning of the year has kicked off fresh with controversy, and it ironically was not on American soil. Perhaps it was the numerous circuit events packed with shirtless revelers while Puerta Vallarta was neck-deep in a pandemic. Maybe it was the dramatic video of a gay boat cruise sinking along with thousands of followers who were exposed by the renegade @Gays Over Covid instagram page for attending the events (more on them later). One thing is for certain; the events in “PV” as it is known, have opened up a conversation about accountability, responsibility, and the affect of “the circuit” on the gay community as a whole. 


Now, about @GaysOverCovid. The Instagram account has gained a rapid-fire following (123K at last count) and it is mostly due to their take-no-prisoners attitude of exposing those that have decided that partaking in a circuit party in the midst of a global pandemic is a responsible health choice (the hospitals in Puerta Vallarta have now found themselves in the same position as many in the States; rapidly filling with patients)


Corey Craig’s passion for health, dedication to his community and  love for music and nightlife have inspired this established DJ to make change of his own, by kicking off the Gays Over Circuit initiative. For his part, the mission of Gays Over Circuit is clear; Craig said in a subsequent video that he started Gays Over Circuit to “rebuild that culture of the gay community.” He went on to say that we need change-we need a different environment to enjoy each others company and to enjoy all of the music that we like to listen to, and to enjoy ourselves for being gay.” Of the circuit scene itself, Craig simply said “we’re over that scene”. While Gays Over Circuit is not for attacking the circuit scene, it is about “refocusing and building a whole new culture that will push us into the next level of enjoying each other”

Craig exclusively told me that the mission of Gays Over Circuit is all about “options, choices & amplifying every part of our scene equally, and is reaching out to the millennial and the twenty-somethings specifically”. Craig pointedly also said that “over is not necessarily against.” 

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