Generations of Queers Are Loving Kylie Minogue’s Pride Anthem

Kylie Minogue released a new catchy song just over a week before her 55th birthday, and it quickly became an anthem for queer partygoers across the US this Pride month. 

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The Australian singer-songwriter slayed in all red for her latest “Padam Padam” music video, which has gained 6.8 million views as of this writing. Needless to say, different generations within the LGBTQ+ community are loving the song, and one of the many reasons why is the timing when it was released.


According to University of Southern California’s Karen Tongson, who specializes in pop culture and gender studies:

“The single dropped serendipitously at a moment where the queer community in the US is feeling especially beleaguered, attacked, there have been coordinated efforts to attack and demonize LGBTQ people here in the United States.”

“There’s something about the release of Padam Padam that coincided with this sort of moment of despair and conflict. And that reminded us of the kind of intensity, lightness and kind of queer joy, the celebratory nature of queerness,” Tongson further explained.

Moreover, Minogue is known for being a gay icon, as her music resonates with her queer fans. Not to mention, she is an outspoken ally who recognizes the numerous hardships that the LGBTQ+ community is faced with.


On that note, let’s continue celebrating Pride month with Kylie Minogue’s “Padam Padam”! <3


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  1. I grew up in the 90s & she has been a gay ally at least since then. I hear her songs play through out a lot of the gay bars/clubs I’ve gone to over the years.


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