German Beer Brand Spoofs Calvin Klein Campaign with Gay Bear

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That’s one way to market a drink.

German-based beer company BRLO is marketing its non-alcoholic brand with a very invigorating campaign. Somehow dodging copyright claims, it’s using a mirror image of Jeremy Allen White’s Calvin Klein ad to appeal to its gay audience… or just, ya know, the average dude.


In case you missed the Jeremy Allen White campaign, we covered it here: Jeremy Allen White in Steamy Calvin Klein Ad • Instinct Magazine.

The commercial for BRLO’s non-alcoholic flavor, called NAKED, stars UK actor Gerrard Woodward. Now, before you chalk this up as his big claim to fame, I think it’s worth mentioning that I recognize him from the latest Cheez-It commercial, too! 


Woodward tells IntoMore

I was in love with the idea right from the beginning. I saw the comedy of it right away and knew they were onto something. Everyone came with such great intentions. I’d already worked recently with Charley Stadler the Director, and the creative Reza Ramezani Chief Creative Officer at Deloitte Central Europe, came into it with the best vibes, which made me feel excited for it!

Woodward is also gay, according to the source. So, why get a model when you could get a bear instead? Hey, Daddy…

BRLO was launched in 2014 by Katharina Kurz and Christian Laase. In recent years, the makers have attempted to turn the beer brand into a lifestyle by offering jobs, merchandize, catering and philanthropy. 


Whose ad do you prefer? Gerrard or Jeremy? Comment and let me know! 

Source: IntoMore 

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