Get Naked: Gus Kenworthy Spends an Evening with the Guys From ‘Magic Mike’

Gus Kenworthy spent some of his time in Las Vegas watching a bunch of men get naked on stage.


This doesn’t sound so far-fetched, given the location he was in, however his experience was extra special as he stopped by the recently launched Magic Mike Live show in the heart of Sin City.

Magic Mike Live, which takes place both in Vegas and across the pond in England, is based on the hit film and sequel of the same name starring A-list hunks like Channing Tatum and Joe Manganiello. The film tells the true life story of Channing’s former life as a stripper in Tampa, Florida and all the problems and shenanigans he had to deal with before becoming the star that he is today.


Gus appeared to have a great time while there, even though he claimed to be the only man in the audience. The rest, according to him, were “drunk bachelorettes, divorcées and women turning 21.”

The decorated Olympian also shared some smoking hot clips of the men on stage, one who got completely naked before walking off. Giggity.


Question is… will Gus be joining the cast of Magic Mike Live at some point? Fingers crossed that this is a “YASSSSS!” kind of situation. 

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