Get Ready For A British Bear Invasion: We Talk To Promoter Paul Coals

Does a night filled with Muscle Boys, Hot Daddies, Cubs, Pups, Sexy Bears, Bearded Boys, Leathermen, Musclemen and Circuit Boys, and all their LGBTQ+ friends and admirers sound fun? Then a Twisted Bear event is precisely what you are looking for if it does.


Twisted Bear has held events in over 15 countries and 35 cities! Initially launched in the UK, Twisted Bear has held events across Europe and North America, and all the way down as far as Australia! This dirty and twisted [in the best possible way] party is making its NYC debut this Saturday night at 3DB in Brooklyn. We had the pleasure to speak with the creator of Twisted Bear, and one of the DJs for Saturday night’s event Paul Coals about everything and anything Twisted Bear.

Welcome to NYC Paul! What can attendees expect to see and hear on Saturday night?


We have some great DJs lined up… alongside me, we have one of NYC’s finest, Peter Napoli, with DJ/ Producer/ Remixer Ross Jones from the UK. As I am sure everyone in New York will know, Peter has played at Brut, Hustlaball, and Burning Man, to name but a few. Ross is one of Twisted Bear’s resident DJs. He has played for numerous clubs and nights, including CRASH, one of London’s past legendary clubs, Beefmince, XXL, Megawoof, and Tonker, the UK’s longest-running bear brand.

The music will evolve throughout the night from Nu Disco, and Vocal House to Dirty Tech. It will be a mix of high-energy beats with a London underground twist and masculine theme.

Incredibly sexy go-go bears are lined up to dance on stage… the one and only hairy beast, the king of go-go bears, Hunter Harden – dancer, host, model, and podcaster – is flying in from Salt Lake City (featured as Instinct Hottie of the Week earlier this year). Alongside him, we also have beefy bears Jason Ryder and Troy Beschoter.


What a lineup! How long have there been Twisted Bear parties and where was the first event?

I want to say it was a few years, but in reality, the Twisted brand started eight years ago in London. The very first Twisted event had more of a fetish theme but attracted many people from the bear community. Right from the outset, our focus has always been the music… helping create a dark and dirty underground feel. We’ve had an amazing lineup of DJs from across Europe and North America. As such, Twisted has always attracted a really hot and sexy crowd.

You had me at hot and sexy! Anyhing you learned these past years throwing the parties that our readers would find relatable?


Never be complacent… If you are not happy with the way something is done, put in the extra effort to get it right. You’ll never regret spending a bit more time on things… everything adds up to the success of the night. Also, it’s really important to treat all of your team members fairly and with respect.

Years ago I was fortunate to be a resident DJ and a part of Europe’s infamous clubbing brand, Salvation. With a global reputation, it was started by a guy called Steve Elliott, who is sadly no longer with us, but he made every single person feel a part of the Salvation family. We had some absolutely amazing events while traveling to different countries around the world. While I am not seeking to emulate Steve, I do try hard to create a similar vibe for all the people who work with Twisted Bear in whatever capacity. It’s so powerful when everyone enjoys working together and pulls in the same direction.



Love how you mention everyone working together! Notice any differences between partygoers in Europe and here in the States?

Boys on both sides of the Atlantic definitely know how to party. However, what I love about events in the States is that they really do bring together a diverse and wide range of people who are friendly and just looking for a good time.

London has become increasingly commercial in recent years. We have also lost quite a few gay venues, both before and during the pandemic… often because of London being redeveloped. I love the fact that there is still a wide range of venues with an underground feel in the States, which allow for parties in the US to be really mixed and inclusive… which makes for a really fun environment.



You have come to the right city for diversity – New York City, Brooklyn even more so! As a successful businessman and party promoter, what is the best piece of advice that you have been given?


Manners cost nothing. Treat other people the same way you would like to be treated. I have no idea why, but the gay scene often seems to be full of politics and drama. I’m convinced we can all be nicer to each other and more collaborative. I was amazed when I learned recently that two of the main venues in Atlanta talk to each other and schedule their venues to make sure they are each successful and don’t purposefully negatively impact each other’s events. Tell me… how cool is that. Wish more cities worked together as the scene would thrive.


Atlanta has those southern values! On a personal note, how do you spend your time outside of the Twisted Bear world? 

I enjoy going to the gym and spending time with family. I also love travelling to different cities. However, I never listen to music when walking down the street or in the gym… I have to confess to not even owning a pair of ear pods or similar!!

No ear pods! How old school of you 🙂 Any final thoughts before we see you Saturday night?


This event at 3 Dollar Bill is going to be dirty and twisted. Also I have to say that Brenda and the team at 3DB have been great to deal with when planning the event.

Thanks for taking the time to talk to Instinct! See you on the dance floor!

(all photos in this article provided courtesy of Twisted Bear)

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