Get To Know Bear Lover And Trophy Boy Lucas Leon

Eyebrows, and more, started to rise as adult film star Lucas Leon started to pop up on Instagram.  With a chiseled, handsome face that rivals any telenovela star, a muscled body with perfect pecs, a light sprinkling of body hair in all the right places, and a mischievous grin that could charm a nun and seduce the saintliest of gays at the same time, it is no wonder that Andrew Christian, the Patron Saint of Men’s Underwear, has chosen Lucas as Breakout Trophy Boy of 2021.   


I chatted with Lucas for this exclusive rapid-fire chat where we chatted about his past, the adult industry, and what his type is – you may be surprised!

What do you miss most about life in Brazil? 

I miss some of my friends and how warm and affectionate most people are. 

What was the hardest to get used to in moving to the US? 


It wasn’t that hard to adapt, the hardest part was holding back when it comes to kissing and hugging strangers after you just meet them! 

You moved to the West Coast for a boy!  Are you glad you moved here?  Would you ever move again for a boy? 

When we are young in love and stupid, we do crazy things sometimes but hey, some good things came from it.  I do like the West Coast a lot.  Los Angeles is very urban and diverse, which I love, but I’m definitely gonna miss dressing up all pretty like I did during those New England fall months. 

How did you get used to all the thirsty comments on your social media pics? 


I mean, the thirsty comments are usually good feedback that I’m pleasing the audience, I love that. 

What made you want to get into the adult industry? 


I thought I looked kinda cute and the money is good so… why not?  You get to meet all different sorts of people and travel to different places, so that’s great! 

What was your first adult scene?  What was it like on your first day? 

The plot was wild, lol!  My brother-in-law just broke up with my sister so I thought that I could cheer him up with a blowjob… hahaha!  I was quite nervous at first, but you get used to it. 

What do you love most about filming a scene? 


I love the camera and the idea of all eyes on me, it’s kinda hot, to be honest. 

What do you like the least about filming a scene? 

When we have to cut to adjust.  I like it when it’s more natural. 


What kind of guy do you find attractive in real life but never get paired up to film with? 

Big strong, very hairy bears – they’re my favorites!  But I’m never paired with them – boo! 

You are single – how should someone approach you to flirt with you?  What do you find the cutest about someone? 


It’s easy – talk about videogames, Japanese culture, or anything geeky, those are my favorite things. I think it’s super sexy when guys are nice and caring, it’s a big turn-on. 

How did you come up with your porn name? 


That’s quite an interesting story.  One of my good friends is named Lucas and I wanted the name to have some connection to my gaymer and geeky side…so Leon is actually the name of a character in the Kingdom Hearts series who’s originally from Final Fantasy 8. 

What was your first reaction when you found out that you were the newest Andrew Christian Trophy Boy? 

I was shocked and super excited!!! It’s always so much fun working with Andrew and being the 2021 Trophy Boy is a huge deal! It’s really an honor to have been the one picked this year!  

What does being a Trophy Boy mean to you? 


I feel like, as a Trophy Boy, I should try to convey a sense of embracing and celebrating yourself. Geeky things were not very trendy amongst the popular kids when I was growing up, so it’s really cool knowing that even a videogame nerd can be a sexy Trophy Boy.  : )  

Which underwear do you love the most? 


I do love briefs the most! Most people would say jocks, but I think briefs make my butt look super sexy. 

If you were to design a pair of underwear, what would they look like? 

It would be a cute pair of briefs, either red, pink, or black with geeky elements like joysticks and manga books all over it. 

What do you do differently in the bedroom that you don’t do on camera? 


Top! (Just kidding, I don’t do that at all hahahaha!)  I’m a big fan of puppy play. 

You LOVE gayming!  What is your favorite recent game? 


My favorite game right now would be Final Fantasy XIV.  I’ve played so much during the lockdown it’s not even funny hahahaha! 

Are there hot guys in the gaming world? 

There are tons of us, we just hide in our gayming caves every once in a while so it’s hard to find us. We are like rare Pokemon!  LOL! 

If you were to create a video game, what would it be called and what would it be about? 


It would be probably a fantasy JRPG that mixes a lot of elements of sci-fi and magical girl anime, set in a digital world. The characters would be 3 E-girls that get trapped in a digital world and it would probably be called E-girl Fantasy… wait, I might have to think on the title a little bit more cause that sounds like the title of a porno, hahahaha! 

Who is your celebrity COVID crush? 

Right now, Ben Affleck.  He was giving me teddy bear daddy looks in the last movie he was in, woof. 


Follow Lucas on Instagram: @_potatosenpai



Interview by: 

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