Get To Know Blogger and Activist Shawn Ahmed: He’s Helping The World One Project At A Time

During this pride month, we should not only honor our past and celebrate our future, but also cherish our leaders in the LGBTQ community.

One leader who deserves recognition is Shawn Ahmed.who a Bangladeshi-Canadian blogger and activist.

Besides being an advocate for LGBTQ Muslims, Ahmed also founded the Uncultured Project, which tries to do social good through mediums such as social media. Meaning, Ahmed uses social media to find those in need and then connects them with organizations that can help them.

Through the project's Youtube channel he has recorded efforts such as providing "lasting clean water to an entire villagerebuilding a high school destroyed by Cyclone Sidrproviding emergency relief in multiple disasters, and helped over 10,000 children through a long-term health worker program."

Due to his commitment to giving and helping, Shawn Ahmed has been celebrated by The World Economic Forum, Save the Children, and the Webby Awards.

If you would like to hear more about Shawn Ahmed and read thoughts of his own, check out Queerty's interview with him.

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