Get to Know ‘I Kissed A Boy’ Star Mikey Connor

Mikey Connor is a soccer referee and social media influencer, who has gained online fame after starring in ‘I Kissed A Boy’, which is Britain’s first gay reality dating show.


He is from Liverpool, and he used to play football at semi-pro level. Not to mention, he also works as a sports presenter. Aside from sports and social media, Connor is using his platform for a good cause, as he is raising awareness on Testicular Cancer, as well as money for Cancer Research UK.

Connor has his own journey on battling against testicular cancer after finding a small lump, which caused some aching. He then got it checked, and found out that he had to undergo an operation. Thereafter, the testicle was removed, and was confirmed to be cancerous.

All of this happened after Connor had already signed up to appear in ‘I Kissed A Boy’, where he was honest about his battle against testicular cancer. After filming for the reality dating show, he decided to undergo chemotherapy after being informed that there is a 25% chance of the cancer returning.


His chemotherapy experience was described as “physically grueling and even caused him panic attacks,” as per Outsports. Connor’s health improved weeks after, and his experience raised awareness for other guys to check their balls, as testicular cancer is the most common type of cancer for those assigned to be male at birth with the age range of 15 to 34 or even older.


Moreover, Connor didn’t find romance while starring in ‘I Kissed A Boy’, but his honesty and humor won the hearts of the viewers.


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