Get to Know More About ‘Queer Eye’ Hottie Antoni Porowski

In yet another installation of Things You Probably Didn’t Know About, let’s get to know more about ‘Queer Eye’ star Antoni Porowski, and we might as well throw in some of his sexy pics for good measure. 😉

Let’s get into it, shall we?

The 38-year-old TV personality, cook, actor, model and author was born on March 14, 1984 in Montreal, Canada, but his parents were immigrants from Poland, along with his two older sisters. When he was 12 years old, he moved to West Virginia, but he eventually returned to Montreal for college.

Porowski is fluent in three languages: French, English, and Polish, as his parents speak Polish at home, and then he learned both English and French in school. He graduated from an acclaimed university in Montreal: Concordia with a degree in Psychology.

Prior to joining ‘Queer Eye,’ Porowski first moved to New York City to pursue acting. In fact, he graduated from the famous Neighborhood Playhouse School of the Theatre in 2011, and if it wasn’t for his acting background, he apparently wouldn’t have gotten his role in ‘Queer Eye.’

While he was in New York to pursue acting, Porowski had to work odd jobs related to food and beverage, including working as a waiter, junior sommelier, as well as managing a sushi restaurant on Bond Street.

Porowski is a self-taught cook, which is why he avoids any use of the term “chef.” He learned how to cook at a young age of seven, and he eventually got the motivation to up his cooking skills to impress his friends.

Moreover, Porowski has never publicly labeled his sexuality. In an interview he expressed,

“Today I’m gay, I’m in a gay relationship, and that’s where I am. That’s good enough for me.

I’ve always considered myself a little more fluid along the spectrum. So even being called bisexual… I remember, in my early twenties, I was like, ‘But bisexual means I can only like girls and guys. What if I like something else?'”

And of course, as most of us know, he is known for posting occasional shirtless photos on Instagram, which he jokingly views as a kind of “performance art.” 

“I love playing around with people’s perceptions of me and giving them what they want and then doing something different,” Porowski stated in an interview with Stylecaster.

On that note, let’s move on to this hottie’s artful thirst trap photos…

We totally agree with Porowski. These photos are, indeed, works of art. 😉


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