Get To Know More About “The Bloater” From ‘The Last Of Us’

Sunday nights in 2023 have quickly become owned by The Last of Us. The HBO Max post-apocalyptic drama, based on the video game, is a colossal rating – and social media – hit. The third episode focusing on the romance between Bill and Frank has already been heralded as one of the most powerful hours in queer storytelling.

After the fifth episode – which dropped two days early on Friday last week, probably to avoid Super Bowl Sunday – our latest obsession with The Last Of Us is the bloaters. Or one specific bloater. Bloaters are a hell of a lot scarier than clickers. Huge, imposing, deadly infected monsters hoping to end humanity.

The man behind one bloater is beefy UK stuntman, Adam Basil. Take a look at one eagle-eyed TikTokker put together



♬ original sound – Simone Umba

Let’s get to know more about this 6’6″ actor and stuntman. And by getting to know him more I mean lets just look at hot photos of him from his Instagram! 


Basil has also appeared in Beauty and the Beast, Venom 2, and the Lord of the Rings trilogy. No word on if his bloater will be wreaking more havoc on Joel and Ellie. [truth be told I am only halfway through episode five, busy weekend here so I don’t know who won in the bloater vs. humans battle, no spoilers please!]

The Last of Us airs Sunday nights on HBOMax.




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