Get To Know One of NYC’s Sexiest And Gay Fitness Professionals

New York City fitness took a big hit the past year due to the ongoing, business crippling global pandemic. Essentially, every gym (both big box facilities and fitness studios) were forced to abruptly close shop and have been prioritized last on the list of businesses deemed essential and worthy of reopening.

But with vaccinations now being distributed and Governor Andrew Cuomo giving his controversial thumbs up for NYC fitness studios to reopen (as of Monday, March 22nd), things seem to be edging closer to a sense of normalcy.

We’re certain that there will be some much anticipated hesitation on the public’s end to want to return back to fitness studios (and rightfully so). But there are a multitude of reasons as to why you should get back to it. Perhaps, one of those reasons could be Fhitting Room’s sexy and sultry Fhit ProBen Wegman.


The 38 year old Illinois native, is the Chief Curriculum Officer at Fhitting Room – one of NYC’s most popular fitness studios. Wegman has clocked in 8 years with the company and with over six thousand classes under his belt – the Fhit Pro would agree that it is important to get back to a healthy and consistent fitness regimen. And that not only means nourishing your body with the proper fuel but with exercise as well – raising that heart rate a few times a week, in a safe and smart way.

Sure, just looking at Ben’s six pack abs can get your heart rate going but his company  also specializes in this sort of stuff – providing smart, functional strength and HIIT training in a group setting.



We spoke with the charming fitness expert to get to know the man behind the chiseled physique.

Instinct: Where are you originally from?

Ben: Normal, Illinois (and yes the town is actually named Normal).

When and Why did you decide to move to New York?


Ben: I moved to New York to pursue a dance career and danced professionally in and out of NYC for over ten years.

What made you pursue a career in Fitness?


Ben: My love of movement and community.

How have you been navigating fitness since the pandemic?

Ben: My company Fhitting Room pivoted immediately, so we’ve been running over 50 live classes a week on zoom since last March.


What do you do to relax?

Ben: Read with a cat snuggled up on my lap, take care of my 70 some plants, bake. I’m a homebody, so being creative at home is my favorite way to relax.


Trunks or Speedos?

Ben: Speedos always!

Sleep naked or in PJ’s?


Ben: Naked ALWAYS!

What’s the one health tip you would encourage for everyone?


Ben: Get uncomfortable. No one ever learned, changed or grew from constantly staying in their comfort zone – be it physically, mentally or emotionally.

Anyone with a hint of working vision can see that the openly (and proudly) gay Ben Wegman is a complete Daddy (we’re talking about him being a plant Dad – get your minds out of the gutter), but he is charitable as well. Ben is a big supporter and promoter of One Tree Planted. An organization that works to rebuild areas (in different countries) that have been impacted by natural disasters and/or unsustainable farming practices.

Fhitting Room, along with all other NYC fitness facilities are adhering to state mandated requirements which include; operating at a capacity of 1/3, cleaning and disinfecting between stations and classes, mandatory face coverings and sign-in sheets.

All images courtesy of Ben Wegman’s and Fhitting Room’s Instagram accounts: @benjaminwegmanfitness @fhittingroom

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