Get to Know Out Professional Wrestler Hunter Gallagher

Hunter Gallagher is a California-based professional wrestler who wrestles under the name of Jet Jameson. Not to mention, he is also the co-creator of Pound Town Wrestling, which is said to be the first luxury independent circuit for wrestling.


His journey in wrestling began with him initially not seeing himself belonging in the often masculinity-defined sport. However, his perspective on wrestling changed after watching a WWE match featuring Melina when he was a child.

“Wrestling was really popular with all the straight boys that used to bully me. So I would be like, ‘oh, that’s their thing. I should stay away from that.’ So when I would go to [my friend’s] house and watch it, I’d be like, ‘Oh, great. Just what I want to watch,’” Gallagher recalled in an interview with Outsports.

He continued,

“There was one match where the women came out and one girl named Melina did a split before she entered the ring. I said, ‘wait a minute, they have women wrestlers?’ That was so exciting to me because, growing up gay, a lot of people look at you as feminine anyways to a degree. It was kind of dope to see a feminine identity on my television screen.”


Thereafter, Gallagher began wrestling training when he was still in high school in Massachusetts. Not to mention, he also has an extensive background in gymnastics, dance and acting. Since then, the wrestler has found an inclusive work environment at Knokx Pro Wrestling Academy.

“There’s no judgment here: gay, straight, bi, race, whatever it is. No one is judging there. Since the moment I joined, it’s been such a welcoming environment. I really don’t think I could ask for a better school. Every time I go, it’s always so fun,” Gallagher further shared.

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