Get Up Close and Personal with ‘Fire Island’s Zane Phillips

Zane Phillips is famously known as an actor, fitness model and social media influencer, who has starred in the series ‘Legacies,’ as well as the 2022 romantic comedy film ‘Fire Island.’

And since the actor seems to have a lot in store for us in the future, let’s get to know him a bit more with some facts that your probably didn’t know about him:

Phillips was born and spent most of his childhood in Denver, Colorado. He loves doing adventurous activities, such as rock climbing, and he has also traveled to many scenic places across the world.


The actor made his debut in a 2014 short film titled ‘Rolling Cigarettes,’ wherein he played the role of Kyle. In 2015, he starred as Mr. Clark in another short movie called ‘Narcolepsy.’ He also made an appearance in the TV series ‘Madam Secretary’ in 2016.

Thereafter, Phillips acted in two more short films in 2019 titled ‘The Cabin’ and ‘American Dreamin’.’ Finally, he was able to star in a full-length romantic comedy movie ‘Fire Island’ in 2022.

Moreover, the actor portrayed the character of Ben in the TV series ‘Legacies,’ as well as played the role of Hunter Reed in Netflix’s 2022 legal drama titled ‘Partner Track.’ In 2023, he is set to star in the mini series ‘In the End: There’s Always A Disney God.’

Not to mention that he is also filming for the upcoming TV series ‘Glamorous,’ wherein he will be portraying the character of Chad.


Moving on to some of Phillips’ stunning photos that will most likely make you swoon…





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