Getting Removed From A Dating Show For Doing Gay Films?

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Did the U.S. version of Love Island remove a contestant because he once appeared on a gay adult film?

According to the Sun, a contestant on the second season of CBS’s version of British reality dating show Love Island has suddenly left the series. The reality show sees contestants, known as islanders, living on an isolated part of Fiji. The islanders are coupled up (in platonic and romantic pairs) based on first impressions. These couples then participate in games and challenges. Throughout the show, there are times when islanders can “re-couple” and those who end up without a partner are in danger of being eliminated. The show’s final prize is $100,000.


But what’s the recent controversy to spring up around the show? It revolves around an islander named Noah Purvis. While Purvis was introduced as an islander for the series’ second season, his bio was recently removed from the Love Island website, according to Pop Culture. The 24-year-old home healthcare provider mysteriously disappeared from the show just a few episodes after arriving midseason, which caught the attention of fans.


It was this mystery that led some fans to dig into Purvis’ past. That’s when the internet discovered (or rediscovered in some cases) that Purvis has another name… Ethan. Under the name Ethan, Purvis also works as a performer in gay adult films.

As reports, Ethan is still performing in adult films and his last credited scene was just released earlier this month. While some adult films are pre-recorded weeks and months in advance, that would still most likely mean that Ethan filmed it sometime this year.


After discovering this new information, fans started to speculate on social media whether Noah Purvis’s job was the cause of his Love Island departure.


Republicworld reports that Purvis’ adult film work is, in fact, why he was taken off the show. According to the news source, CBS executives eventually learned of Purvis’ videos and “immediately removed him from the show.” Though, CBS has yet to release an official statement on the matter.

In a situation somewhat like the Sherry Pie fallout, the show’s editors are now removing Purvis’ presence within the following episodes. They’ve also scrubbed his name, pictures, and bios from Love Island’s social media accounts and official website. This, of course, has caused even more conversation on social media.

Removing a contestant for doing sex work outside of any Love Island related spaces? CBS sure shot itself in the foot with this one.

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