Ghostbusters – A Reboot To See Or Miss? New Trailer Is Here!

I've been pretty upset that Hollywood has been going through a reboot phase for some time now.  Superman, Batman, Star Wars, Jurassic, Star Trek, Fantastic 4, Spiderman, and now there are talks of a reboot of the Mummy and Mrs. Doubtfire. Where has the creativity gone?

The reboots have been okay.  The first installment of Star Wars and Jurassic were what I call bridges.  Bridges in the fact that they have to transport the old fans to the present and get the new fans up to speed to what happened 15, 20, 30 years ago.  This usually is achieved with nostalgic characters or concepts, (Dinosaur on the loose, kids stuck in the park, suspenseful jeep scene, a planet that's just like the Death Star, destroy it's exhaust system and save the universe, search for a savior, oh, it's the same guy, and don't forget the cute robot).  They really didn't introduce too many new aspects, but instead just took many bits and pieces, and produces flicks with glaringly similar plots, shoved them out to us in the form of a B+ entertaining pill for us to swallow.  Hopefully they were just amuse bouches while they concoct the main course, the next installments in the rebooted series.  Will Ghostbusters be the same?  Will it be just bits and pieces of past plots thrown together to get us back into its fandom?  At least the minds behind the Ghostbusters reboot have done the gender flip with the cast which may make it better than B+.

Here's the most recent trailer release for Ghostbusters.



If you’re lookin' for the new "Ghostbusters" trailer, who ya gonna call? Me.

Posted by Ellen DeGeneres on Thursday, March 3, 2016


Will this preview get you to the theaters? 

Does it look like there is enough newness included besides the overload of estrogen?

What do you think?