GIFs Of Aaron Taylor Johnson’s And He Is Not Afraid of Full Frontal

Aaron Taylor Johnson for Givenchy Gentlemen / Image via Givenchy

We’ll be honest. It’s just so obvious that nobody really needed a reminder. But at the same time, WE ALL needed a reminder. A reminder of what, you might ask? That Aaron Taylor Johnson is a stud (especially when he’s naked).

Earlier this summer, Aaron Taylor Johnson trended online. Fans of the actor decided to celebrate the actor’s 31st birthday in June by sharing tweets, Instagram posts, and general messages of love about the star. That reminded the world of just how hot the actor is (as well as just how long he’s been acting). Also, of how often the actor has gone naked in his projects.

From A Million Little Pieces to Savages, Aaron Taylor Johnson proved that he has nothing to be ashamed of. In fact, we’re happy he decided to share his glory with the rest of us. While we can’t show the more explicit sights with you here, we are happy to direct you over to our friends at Cocktails And Cock Talk to get the full view.

Though, we have some choice gifs that we can share below.


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