Gio Benitez & Fiance Tommy DiDario Vacation In Hawaii

ABC Correspondent Gio Benitez has a great relationship with his fans.  Following his Facebook page, you will see Gio put it all out there.  I am not sure if he has ever been in or our or sideways about his sexual orientation and of course it does not matter.  What does matter is that he is a great visible role model for everyone.  He’s professional, likeable, and seems to have a personality that would make him a great friend.  And then he’s easy on the eyes, too. 

His most recent Facebook posts find him and his fiance visiting Hawaii. 

He has a great life and he’s taking us along for the ride.

Enjoying some beach time in Hawaii never looked more inviting.

As mentioned, Gio seems to be so open to his fans about himself, his, work, and his life.

Tommy is enjoying the time in Hawaii as well.  If you haven’t checked out Tommy’s Facebook page and modeling home page, it’s worth the click over to them.

Of course any fit couple does great activities together.

The most recent pic shared was the one below.

Thanks guys for sharing your life and times as individual successful men and as happy wonderful couple together.  Have a great time in Hawaii.  Our invitation must have been lost in the mail, but we are grateful we can follow along on the dubyah dubyah dubyah.

Just added Monday, for you Jurassic World fans.  I need to go there now!

All pics taken from Facebook profiles.

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