Girl Loses Front Teeth After Bottomless Mimosas

Have you ever been at bottomless mimosa brunch and had so many drinks that you lost your front teeth? Yeah, me neither.

But here’s someone who has.

Earlier this week @autumncathey6 uploaded a now-private clip on TikTok where she was out drinking with friends. One by one they revealed how many glasses of champagne and orange juice they gulped down. Toward the end of the video, she is seen getting up on the shoulders of a guy and walking around the restaurant’s parking lot. What could go wrong when you’re white girl wasted, right?

Well the last clip of the video is her awkwardly smiling and showing her bloody mouth sans the pearly whites she flaunted at the beginning of the video. I know what she wants for Christmas!

Twitter @fernvndooo

“Bottomless mimosas are a drug.” is what the video was captioned.

According to the creator of the video, she is doing fine.

Twitter @fernvndooo

Next time you get invited to bottomless mimosa brunch you better make sure they’re not toothless tonics instead.

Do you have any binge drinking horror stories to share?


Source: Twitter

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