Giuliani May Have Forgotten 9/11, But Did He Forget Getting Motorboated By The Donald?

Yes, Rudy Giuliani recently spoke recently and the we all shook our heads in unison.  The NY Daily News ran with his major oversight with Rudy Giuliani forgets about 9/11 and claims that ‘before Obama came along, we didn't have any successful radical Islamic terrorist attack inside the’ U.S.  There are some things we forget, yes, but for Giuliani to glaze over 9/11, it just shows we are not only on different pages, but different books and apparently a different time line.

So for Throw Back Thursday, let's look at something else Giuliani and Trump may want to forget as well. The skit was originally done for a charity dinner, but we're eating it up now. 





The video was also done back in 2000 when Rudy Giuliani was considered a great political leader and Trump was just a personality and a semi successful developer, years before his "The Apprentice" reality television show.  Oh the good ol' days.  



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