GLAAD and PFLAG Launch Campaigns For Transgender Day of Visibility

Sisters, Selenis and Marizol Levya share their story as a part of GLAAD’s IGTV series, #TransLoveStories (Photo Credit: Landyn Pan)

Today, March 31st marks the 10th Annual International Transgender Day of Visibility, a day dedicated to celebrate transgender individuals and raise awareness of the discrimination that transgender people face worldwide.  

Even though some progress has been made in transgender visibility, there is still a long way to go.  On the eve of Transgender Day of Visibility, Idaho governor Brad Little signed two bills into law which limit transgender rights.  One bill bans transgender girls from participating in girls’ and women’s sports while the other blocks changes to Idaho birth certificates concerning gender for transgender individuals.


While these kind of stories dominate the news in this current political climate, it is important to focus on the positive forces fighting to give a voice to the transgender community.  

GLAAD and Instagram Launch #TransLoveStories

To commemorate Transgender Day of Visibility, GLAAD, in a partnership with Instagram, announced the launch of #TransLoveStories, “an Instagram TV and digital portrait series celebrating the love trans people experience in their lives.”  

Alex Schmider, Creator of the campaign, and GLAAD’s Associate Director or Transgender Representation said in a press release:


“Especially during this unprecedented time, we know that it’s critical for people to find support and connection through online communities and digital storytelling.  Through #translovestories we want to show that trans people are capable and deserving of finding and sharing love– for ourselves and with others.  It’s also an opportunity for the partners, friends, and family who love us to show that we are an important and valuable part of their lives.  Because of the discrimination trans people face, not everyone can be visible today, but we believe campaigns like this are part of creating a world where every trans person can be accepted, loved, and celebrated for who they are.”

#TransLoveStories kicks off today with a sizzle reel below and also on @glaad, followed by a weekly IGTV series that will highlight each trans person featured and a significant relationship.

Below you’ll find a content calendar for the series:



PFLAG Launches #TransKids #SoFierce

Graphic promoting #TransKids #SoFierce social media campaign (graphic courtesy of PFLAG)

PFLAG is inviting allies, family, and friends of transgender kids to take part in an uplifting social media campaign coined #TransKids #SoFierce.  The grassroots social media campaign is an action for families and allies to “build up trans kids by sharing positive support while holding lawmakers accountable for anti-trans bills.”

“Before the nation’s focus on preventing the spread of COVID-19, we in the LGBTQ+ community had been tracking more than 200 dehumanizing and harmful state bills in 19 states. Many specifically target kids who are transgender,” said Diego M. Sanchez, APR, Director of Advocacy, Policy and Partnerships for PFLAG National. “PFLAG’s 400 chapters actively oppose these bills and lift up trans kids. Trans kids are the next fierce leaders, and it’s our role to make sure they get to realize that role.”  

According to PFLAG’s press release, supporting trans kids through social media on a variety of different platforms also establishes important protective factors for these youth. This is especially relevant during covid-19 quarantines and closures that have limited access to safe spaces for transgender youth. Studies by the Family Acceptance Project, the Williams Institute and others have demonstrated that when an LGBTQ+ youth has even one trusted adult they can turn to for support their risk of attempting suicide drops by more than 40%. And when parents accept their LGBTQ+ child for who they are, their risk of self-harming behaviors decreases by more than half.

Participation in #TransKids #SoFierce is voluntary. The campaign’s main hashtags to include in posts, video, photos, alt. text, etc. are: #TransKids #SoFierce @PFLAG #PFLAGProud and others tags to add include #ProtectTransKids #Transfolks #Transfolx #LGBTQ. To learn more, visit:


Director and Photographer Braden Summers Releases Short Film, “FRAME OF MIND: Elevate”

‘FRAME OF MIND: Elevate’ celebrates “the resilience, joy and perseverance of the trans community, entirely shot in a single frame and one take.” (Photo Credit: Braden Summers)

‘FRAME OF MIND: Elevate’ is a short film shot in a single frame and a single take.  The short film by Braden Summers, known for his work in Marie Claire UK, French Elle, Advocate and The Huffington Post, focuses on a trans heroine on her four-minute elevator ride in a busy New York City apartment building and examines the immense scope of attitudes that trans people confront in daily life.


“Through the casts’ variety, we may see ourselves and experience a reflection of our actions, helping us better confront our own biases, diminish ignorance and champion our ability to treat others equally for the betterment of all,” said Summers. “This understanding may spark inspiration to help change hearts and minds for an equal and beautiful experience of social justice.” 

‘FRAME OF MIND: Elevate’ is available now at

Source: CNN, GLAAD, PFLAG, Lauren Hurley PR

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