Glen Powell’s Shirtless Thirst Trap, Adorable Brisket Steals The Show

The internet just got a whole lot hotter, and it’s all thanks to Glen Powell’s latest Instagram thirst trap. The Twisters star decided to bless our feeds with a behind-the-scenes look at his movie, and let’s just say, fans are more than appreciative. But while Glen’s chiseled physique is undoubtedly jaw-dropping, it’s his adorable dog, Brisket, who’s stealing the show.


Glen Powell, known for his roles in blockbuster hits and for making us all swoon, took to Instagram to share a snap that has everyone talking. And by talking, we mean collectively losing their minds. In the photo, Glen flaunts his beautiful and ripped body, the kind that makes you want to hit the gym and then give up because, let’s be real, we’re not all Glen Powell. However, standing loyally by his side, looking as adorable as ever, is Brisket, his beloved dog.

Now, don’t get us wrong. Glen’s physique is a work of art. Those abs? Sculpted by the gods. But let’s be honest here—the real star of this photo is Brisket. With his fluffy fur and soulful eyes, Brisket knows exactly how to work the camera. It’s almost as if Brisket is saying, “Yeah, my human’s hot, but have you seen my puppy dog eyes?”


Glen has never been shy about his love for Brisket, often talking to media about how much his furry friend means to him. And who can blame him? Brisket is the perfect companion, whether he’s providing emotional support during long film shoots or simply being the cutest sidekick on Instagram.

Here are some of the best reactions from fans on social media:

  1. @BrisketFanClub tweeted, “Glen Powell’s abs are nice and all, but can we talk about how adorable Brisket is? #DogGoals”

  2. @AbsAndPaws shared, “Sure, Glen Powell is ripped, but Brisket is stealing the spotlight! That dog is a superstar.”

  3. @HotAndFuzzy hilariously added, “Glen Powell can lift weights, but Brisket can lift our spirits. #ThirstTrap #DogStar”

  4. @PawsitiveVibes commented, “Bless you, Glen Powell, for this shirtless snap. But Brisket, you’re the real MVP. #PuppyLove”

  5. @ThirstyForBoth humorously observed, “Trying to decide who’s cuter: Glen Powell’s abs or Brisket’s face. It’s a tough call! #DoubleTrouble”


In a world where social media thirst traps are a dime a dozen, Glen Powell’s latest post stands out for all the right reasons. Sure, Glen’s physique is enough to make anyone’s heart race, but it’s Brisket who adds that extra sprinkle of charm and cuteness. Together, they’re the dynamic duo we didn’t know we needed but are so grateful to have.

So, here’s to Glen Powell for giving us the perfect thirst trap and to Brisket for being the adorable, scene-stealing pup that he is. We’ll be here, endlessly scrolling and hoping for more glimpses of this iconic pair.  Check out the official trailer for the upcoming movie “Twisters”.

3 thoughts on “Glen Powell’s Shirtless Thirst Trap, Adorable Brisket Steals The Show”

  1. He has a nice body & butt, but his eyes are small & too close together. That, with the pointy nose, gives him a shrew look. Definitely not Pitt-level hot.

  2. This might have been a great GUYS’ movie. Being a fan of Storm Chasers, two or three guys fighting tornados would have been thrilling. Too many writers think that everyone is looking for the “soap opera” effect. Sometimes it’s nice to have a great adventure script and a “buddy” situation. Real life is always missing in these scripts. But Glen Powell will add to the attraction.

  3. I guess Glen is back to manscaping his chest hair, or if these are all set shots from Twister, then these are all old pictures. Glen has looked better (not that there’s anything wrong with his look here, although for my taste, clean shaven and hairless is a better look ON him). The dog is cute, although I’d prefer, from my own experience, a dog the size of Dodger (Chris Evans).


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