“Glitter Glam & Queer Expression”; N0t Listed Is ‘Ridin’ The Wave’!

Mixing 80’s synth pop sound with a vibrantly colorful video (including, among other elements, clear nods to nightlife icon Leigh Bowery) the R&B/house infusion trio known as N0t listed have dropped their debut single ‘Ridin’ This Wave”. The members of N0t Listed (Josh, Kayvon, & Leo) each bring their own flavor to the group, colliding with a celebration of talent, individuality, and their own queerness. Josh is Mexican-American, Kayvon is Iranian-American, and Leo is African-American. Meeting in New York City’s underground queer music circuit, they each bring their own perspective from the LGBTQIA community (Josh identifies as gay, Leo as bisexual, and Kayvon identifies as pansexual). Choosing the name N0t Listed was an obvious no brainer; it derives from the feeling of not fitting into any of life’s multiple choices. 


The music crafted by N0t Listed explores varying aspects of love; lust, intimacy, commitment and heartbreak. Band member Josh handles all of the production, while the band writes all of their own music exclusively. For the video for “Ridin’ this Wave” they recruited fashion photographer Mike Ruiz, where many elements of nightlife were included in the video production. Fashion, makeup, and the dance floor were all showcased heavily in the production, with Kayvon saying “we knew we wanted the video to dive into a pool of glitter, glam and queer expression.” Leo went on to say “the video totally depicts the fun we had making this fun in Josh’s studio apartment”. He went on to say “whether we are voguing at the club, posing in front of a bodega, or swinging our wrists around in Kayvon’s apartment, we are always serving and having a good time”

In terms of what is to come for N0t Listed, Leo says “next up, we will have some straight R&B tracks along with some 80’s dance influence records and maybe a little acid house for your nerves”. As for the message they’re trying to deliver, the artists behind N0t Listed simply say “We hope to inspire others to feel powerful in their authentic skin, clear in the understanding that if an African American, Mexican American, and Iranian American can be werking it in times like these, they can too!” 

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