Glossary of Homosexual Terms From 1964 Is Spot On

A glossary of homosexual terms and deviate acts originally published in January 1964 by the Florida Legislative Investigation Committee is making the rounds on the internet, and dare we say, it contains quite an extensive vocabulary that is pretty accurate, even in 2013!

According to wikipedia, the booklet "Homosexuality and Citizenship in Florida" (also known as the "Purple Pamphlet" because of its purple coloring) which contained the glossary of terms, was created by the Johns Committee in an effort to persuade the Legislature to enact comprehensive anti-homosexual legislation and to "shock Floridians into accepting its program."

[The report] viewed homosexuals as the carriers of a degenerative disease that posed a greater menace to society than child molesters. . . . The committee expected readers to select a theory conforming to its own views, and the pamphlet portrayed gays as sex fiends who spent every free moment searching for anonymous partners, recruiting youth, or transmitting venereal diseases.

Backlash from the pamphlet destroyed the committee in July 1965 but the glossary of terms still remains for your viewing pleasure:


Talk about a history lesson! Did you know all of these terms, Instincters? And better yet, is it accurate?


h/t: deviatesinc

6 thoughts on “Glossary of Homosexual Terms From 1964 Is Spot On”

  1. These are most likely terms

    These are most likely terms garnered from the community themselves. Some are slang to disguise the meaning and others factual medical terms. I was aware of a lot of these terms and more in Polari. 

  2. It is dangerous and
    It is dangerous and irresponsible for a gay magazine to say this crap is spot on and accurate. Homophobes can now quote this. People in Russia and elsewhere are suffering and living in fear. Not funny Instinct.

  3. This is “spot on”? 

    This is "spot on"? 

    Apart from terms still used scientifically, and a few others, this is one of the most dated, ghetto-gay-loving pieces of shit I've ever seen.

    What gay world do you live in?  Do you actually know anyone who isn't a bar-hopping isolated gay?

    • Oh gurl. You can’t read into

      Oh gurl. You can't read into the sarcasm apparently…I don't think any person part of the LGBT community thinks these terms are for real……..


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