Go For The Gold! E! Hosts Asks Adam Rippon Out on National Television

Adam Rippon may not have to be the next Bachelor or Prince Charming of sorts (there's a list he's on just in case), as guys just keep asking him out over and over and over again.  This time around, it happened on live television!

He appeared on E!'s show Daily Pop to talk about his life after the Winter Olympics, including his rumored rivalry with fellow figure skater Johnny Weir and his hilarious response to his mother's text that simple said "Be careful sexting."

Things got a tad awkward before the segment was over, as Daily Pop cohost Justin Sylvester first asked Adam if he's dating anyone right now.  "I'm not.  I've been so busy, that… I know?  Listen anybody out there, you let me know, but I've just been so busy that I haven't really had time with focusing on getting ready for the Olympics and it's just been a whirlwind after that."

The camera zoomed in on Justin during all of this, where he point blank said "So I'm going to throw this out there.  When you come to LA, I want to take you out on a date and grab drinks, your choice.  Or I could show you my LA, and we could just kick it."

Adam, who was smiling throughout, said "Wow, I love it.  I love to just kick it."  Justin was clearly "going for the gold" here, if you know what I'm saying (wink wink) 

That being said, Sally Field's son Sam Greisman needs to step up his game ASAP as he also has made it very clear (or at least Sally has) that he likes Adam.

See the full clip below:





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