‘GO GO’ is a Throbbing Drama

Under the lights of a nightclub, with the throbbing thumping of music and dripping with sweat, a Go Go dancer sells a fantasy. They leave a mark of mystery while unlocking your greatest desires. And when the shine of the disco ball fades the memory of what could have been lingers on the minds and hands of the spectator. For the Go Go, its means of survival and they shed the mystique come last call. But what if after the lights come on is when the drama truly began? 

Courtesy Novo Novus

A dark and brooding series about the upside down world surrounding a Go Go dancer has hit Here TV. Appropriately named GO GO, the four-part series stars Latin pop artist Michael Miguel.

Sexy, subversive & bitingly silly, GO GO is a thrillingly comedic tale of murder & mischief set in a gay men’s strip club, where the fantasies and “American dreams” of the patrons and the mostly immigrant strippers are shockingly twisted into a mysterious nightmare.

Courtesy Novo Novus

Each episode of this erotic thriller is centered around the police interrogation of “The Home Boys,” a group of diverse, sexy, high-end call boys within the city’s most popular male exotic dance club, Icon. The Here TV-produced brainchild of Novo Novus Productions highlights the rawness of New York City’s nightlife scene and what it’s like to be a GO GO dancer within the LGBTQ+ party circuit.

Courtesy Novo Novus

Series star Michael Miguel has been tagged as a quadruple talent, as an actor, Latin Pop artist, dancer, and songwriter. His first single “Boys and Barbies” was released in the fall of 2020.

Courtesy Novo Novus

Michael Miguel says:

It was such an honor to play Franky in this production. I got a chance to stretch my acting, singing, and dance skills and represent my Latin heritage through my art.

The series features music from Michael Miguel, Bry’NT, Jewel The Gem, Marck Angel, and many other influential queer indie artists.

GO GO is an angsty ride reminiscent of Run Lola Run and the reimagining of Queer As Folk.

GO GO is executive produced by Dwight Allen O’Neal, Daniel Armando, and Dane Joseph. It is available now on Here TV.


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  1. ‘GO GO’ is a thrillingly erotic tale of murder set in a gay men’s strip club, where the fantasies of the patrons and the ”American dreams” of the strippers are shockingly twisted into a nightmare. From the description of it , it sounds very interesting.


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