God’s Own Country Actor Josh O’Connor Talks Why No Oscar Nods

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God’s Own Country actor Josh O’Connor is sharing his thoughts on why the film isn’t getting recognized at the Academy Awards.

In an interview with GO London, 27-year-old O’Connor said that, “You have to put a hell of a lot of work into that sort of thing.”

“You have to meet the right people, and go to LA, even to get mentioned. Which costs money, which we didn’t have. I think the film is Oscar-worthy, but I knew that would be one step too far.”

That isn’t to say that the film hasn’t received multiple accolades and accomplishments. God’s Own Country recently was nominated for a BAFTA and an Evening Standard British Film Award. Something which O’Connor celebrated, “I’m still pinching myself that we’re up for the Standard awards and BAFTAs. I’m so chuffed.”

In addition, despite the film’s recognition in America, it has done well in the UK. The film is the highest-grossing movie in Great Britain’s indie cinema scene.

“It outsold Dunkirk!’ said film director Francis Lee. “Knowing that my film had resonated, for that man. That’s the biggest prize for me.”

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  1. Let’s face it:  the Oscars

    Let's face it:  the Oscars have become the adult version of high school student council elections.  The reason this movie didn't get nominated is because quite possibly no one in the cast or crew are tight with Hollywood insiders.  The Academy voters only nominate and vote for their friends.  That's it.  Many if not most of the voters don't even watch the films they vote on.  They don't evaluate the art of the film rather they determine who gets their vote by how well they know the director or actors or writers, etc.  Anyone ever see the campaigns in L.A?  You'd swear it was a presidential election with all the adds.  Sadly, this is how it has always been with the Oscars.  But, cheer up guys!  It's good you didn't get nominated.  The overwhelming majority of films that win almost NEVER stand the test of time.  This might actually mean that "God's Own Country" will make it to future cinema classes and not the 99 cent DVD bin at Walmart.

    • What you say is accurate. I

      What you say is accurate. I like Josh O'Connor fro. "Durrells in Corfu" and think we'll see more of him in the future, and reviews of this film are good.

  2. I watched this movie and had

    I watched this movie and had to watch it again.  It was incredibly made.  I compared this movie to Call Me By Your Name, which was choppy, the scenes didn't flow well, and had a bad ending.  




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